New Year, New Brand: Leigh Creative

Hi everyone! Welcome to my rebranded website! I am very excited to combine my Art Club with my Photography under the name Leigh Creative. I chose Leigh Creative as my new business name, firstly, because I got married and am no longer April Ashton, and because my middle name is Leigh. It is actually a family middle name! My sister, mother, and aunt all had the same middle name but spelled differently. It’s a beautiful and simple name to remember and I wanted to keep my family apart of the new brand.

In summer 2018, God put it on my heart to start an Art Club at my house once a week. I miss teaching art to kiddos and it seemed like a great way to build new relationships. I prepare a lesson for the kids to have fun, learn about an artist, a different type of art medium, and to be creative within themselves. It has been so much fun getting to create lessons for them and see them have a good time. If you are interested in learning more about Art Club, click on the tab above or send me a message on the Contact tab.

I did my first ever Mini Sessions this past Fall and I loved getting to capture all of these families! It really is such a joy to capture a moment in time within the span of someone’s life. I have recently been looking back at old photos because my old stepdad passed away. Photos are how we relive moments and some of them we forget. Photography is wonderful for this purpose!

My favorites from the Mini Sessions are below. Enjoy!